Year in Review
Product catalog, members area for exclusive content, news and blog posts feeds, Zero Block updates, plus new blocks and templates. It's been a very productive year!
Important product updates in 2019
Product catalog
Manage stock in your online store in one convenient panel. Create sections, add and edit product information. Any changes will be made on all pages of the website instantly.
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Product filters, sorting and search
You can filter all products in an online store based on their characteristics, sort them or find the desired product by using the search bar.
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Trigger animation
Animate an object on a webpage and assign another element as a trigger. The trigger will launch an animation on click or on hover.
New features in Zero Block
A gallery, automatic positioning of elements on a webpage, and a zoom for the workspace – working on the finer elements of a website is now more convenient than ever.
Members area
Restrict access to your website's exclusive content. Invite or add members. Set up groups with access to specific pages. Restricted materials and the login page will belong to your domain
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News feeds
This feature makes publishing daily news or blog posts easier. Create and edit posts in a convenient editor, add new sections and schedule posts. Create categories according to themes for convenient navigation across your blog or newsfeed.
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New blocks
We're constantly adding new blocks to the Tilda library, and it now contains over 500 blocks. This year, we've added a new category 'News and feeds', plus expanded the categories 'Cover', 'Gallery', 'Features' and others.
New templates
We've aded new business templates: art space, printing service, library, online service, city excursion, charity foundation, kindergarten and others.
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Micro interface updates
An automatic input mask with country code for phone number, saved colors panel, second level items in blocks with a horizontal menu, new integrations and much more.
Keep growing, building up your business and working on your favorite projects. We are always here for you to help you turn your ideas into reality – online.

Your Tilda Publishing Team
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