Latest website blocks, multiple landing pages, ornamental border, Instagram auto feed
15 new blocks added to our library collection
They include a feedback widget (it's a messenger!), galleries, forms, tabs, plus a block with prices, a menu and special features.
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Multiple and geo-targeted landing pages; redirecting visitors to language specific home pages
Create personalised landing pages for different clients, depending on content or geo-location. We now offer automatic redirecting for multi-lingual websites.
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Ornamental border
An ornamental border will improve the experience of browsing your site even more. Choose one out of three styles (there are more in the pipeline!). You can find them in the Divider category.
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Instagram auto feed on your site
Add the block with an automatically updated Instagram feed or simply add Instagram to one of the blocks with images from our library.
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8 ready-made templates for your projects
Music festival
Lineup, bands, map, photos from previous concert, ticket sales.
Repertoire, links to dedicated performance pages, actors, contact details.
Translation bureau
Services, rates, company information, processes, address, contact form.
EMS training course
General info, benefits, rates, coaches, sign-up form.
Driving school
Rates, advantages, driving instructors, reviews, contact information.
Chain coffee shop
Prices, map, Instagram feed, general information.
Food delivery service
Tiles with products and an order button, cart, discount banner, contact information.
General information, features, services, rates, contacts.
Best user projects this month
Soma Asheville
Christian community
Special design project by
An entrepreneurial private investment firm
Professional services KPIs measured
Mentoring network for professional software developers
My NEA Home
Estate agent
Copywriting services
Dr. Rooter
Canadian plumbers
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