New feature: Product catalog
Now you can manage your entire inventory in one place. Create categories, add and edit product properties – any changes in the catalog will instantly appear on all webpages.
Manage products in one place
Add and edit product properties in the catalog's control panel. No need to republish the page — changes are immediately visible across all product blocks. This is especially convenient when you are selling lots of items.
Monitor inventory
Set the quantity of available stock that will automatically reduce after each purchase. This way the client won't pay for out-of-stock products.
Create several variants for one product
A variant can be a different colour, materials or other properties. For each variant, upload a photo, set quantity, unit ID and price.
Include additional options
Offer gift-wrapping or an additional accessory. Set up additional options and display the price to be added to the cost of a product.
Create catalog categories
Categories make inventory management easier. Display a single section or an entire catalog in product blocks.
Products are indexed by search engines
A unique page is automatically created for each product, and then indexed by Google. A sitemap-store.xml file is also generated automatically. It can be uploaded to Google Search Console. This helps the products to get indexed more quickly by search engines.
Import and export product information in CSV and YML files
Importing CSV formatted data will help to upload your inventory to the catalog quickly. Items can also be exported to different services.
How to get started with a product catalog
In the Blocks Library choose Block ST300, ST305, ST310 or ST315 in the Store category. Go to Product Catalog in the Content section.
After adding products to the catalog, connect the catalog to the product cards block.
Make managing your online store easier with a product catalog
All online store features
How to set up a catalog
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