Speeding Up Tilda Websites, New Blocks and Templates, Online Store Updates
Speeding Up Tilda Websites
Working on the loading speed of web pages has become routine for us. We implement new technologies and optimize technical processes to speed up Tilda websites. Some of the updates are visible to the user in the personal account, while some are not.

Here are the latest updates:

— New strategy for separating critical and secondary scripts loading. Asynchronous connection of JavaScript and CSS files made the websites load faster. This is already implemented and works on all your projects by default.

– Instant content rendering on the page. If the feature is enabled, font loading won't block page rendering. The website will first display the system font, and after a few seconds, when the font is loaded, the text will be rendered in the connected font. How to enable: Site Settings → Fonts and Colors → Advanced.

– Delayed counter initialization. For the counter on the page to connect, the browser has to load a script, analyze the code, and execute it. Google Analytics files are quite heavy, so if you load them all at once, they will slow down page display speed. That’s why, by default, these counters are connected 2 seconds after the page loads. How to disable: Site Settings → Analytics.

– Lazy Load without showing thumbnail in Zero Block. Images will be shown gradually as the visitor scrolls down the page but only after the original image is loaded. It can be customized for each shape. Where to enable: Zero Block → Shape Element Settings → LazyLoad: On, without showing thumbnail.

We've made this guide for those who prioritize page load speed above everything else, including the design of the website. We are sharing practical tips on how to improve your website’s loading speed using current tools and settings on Tilda. After reading this guide, you will be able to adjust your website’s settings on your own and make it load even faster.
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Automatic Domain Connection Verification
It's now easier to connect a domain to a Tilda website. You can check the connection automatically in the "Domain" tab in the Site Settings.

It's easy to create and run your own website on Tilda. Connecting custom domains is a topic that often raises many questions. Now you're only a few clicks away from finding out if the DNS records are configured correctly, if the SSL is connected, and if the website is protected from DDOS attacks. If something goes wrong, the system will show you the error and provide a tip on how to fix it.
New Blocks In the Block Library
Block CR22A. Cover with a button and Play button
The block has a button to play the video over the cover along with an action button—these can be swapped around. Find it in the "Cover" category.
Block TS104N. Slider with review cards
This slider is great for long reviews. Part of the text can be hidden and then shown by clicking on the review. Find it in the "Reviews" category.
Block TB105. Two columns with upper titles and horizontal line
The timetable rows can be customized as cards where dates and times can be specified. You can add a large heading and an upper title to the block's header. Find it in the "Timetable" category.
Block BF924. Donation form with preset amounts
The block allows you to set default amounts for online donations and a button to enter a custom amount. Find it in the "Form and Button" category.
Block BF702A. Button: Back to top
There are 3 button styles available in the settings. You can change its size and opacity, set it to appear with a delay on scroll, and add and edit the shadow under the widget. Find it in the "Form and Button" category.
Block FT601. Panel with an icon, title, tabs, and text at the bottom
Footer with tabbed navigation. You can add any number of items and align the tabs to the left, right, or center. Find it in the "Footer" category.
New Templates for Your Projects
Color Dots
Bright colored elements, thin lines, custom buttons. Great for portfolio, event landing pages, and online stores.
Expressive typography, solid color background, interactive animation effects. Great for long-form features, design studio websites, and event landing pages.
Online Store Micro Updates
— You can now add the exact color for a product variant in the Product Catalog using a HEX code. This is handy as you won't have to pick the color on the palette manually—just copy the desired color's code from the Tilda Colors, third-party editor, or another item's settings, and paste it into a special field.

— The H1 meta tag can now be added to the product page header. This setting will allow you to flexibly adjust the search optimization of your online store and find new customers online.

— More options for importing CSV files into your catalog: you can now add multiple images to products and take advantage of the multiline fields and tab delimiter processing.
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Free "Getting Started with Tilda" Webinar
This May, we are launching live webinars that will help you get the most out of Tilda. We’ll walk you through the interface and key features, show you how to set up and publish your websites, and answer your questions. Tune in to the upcoming webinar on May 6 at 12 p.m. ET (GMT -4).
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#madeontilda: Top Projects Created by Our Users in April 2021
Mighty Digital Agency
A modern & clean website for the digital agency that offer product development, design, and engineering services
Dynamic Aspect

A professional multi-page website featuring blog, animations, and video content for the business innovation company from Australia

Du Bút Books
A highly-interactive website with lots of animated illustrations for an innovative publisher from Vietnam
Hydra Billing
A complex animated website with lots of inner pages for the billing and automation software company operating in 23 countries
A portfolio multi-page website for a content creator from Germany
A fun animated website with a distinctive layout for a collaborative tool that helps teams create user-centered mobile apps
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