Trigger animation in Zero Block
Discover new animation features in Zero Block for your web projects. Animate an element and designate another element as a trigger. The trigger will launch an animation on click or on hover.
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Trigger animation examples
Images appear when hovering over a title
Element is replaced on hover
Cards animation
Text selection
Animation of several elements on click
Cards appear on text click
Animation on click and when hovering over a trigger element
Page content guide
How trigger animation works
1. Add an element that triggers animation.
2. Add an element that you'd like to animate.
3. Select it in the step-by-step animation settings and select the event that will lauch your animation.
4. Click Add Trigger and in the Zero Block workspace click on the element that will trigger your animation
5. Finish setting up the animation and view the result.
Examples of trigger animations with settings and a guide to setting up
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