Create a members area for your website
Share your website's exclusive content with clients and partners
1. Invite or add members
For example, you have created a web design school and are selling online courses. After a client has paid for a course, add them to a members area via a registration form.
2. Set up groups with access to specific pages
For example, if you want to limit access to an online course, create a group and provide its members with access to the course webpages. Users will be able to access these pages only after signing in.
3. Allow user access to groups of pages on a website
Add new members to the group manually or allow them to register without requiring a confirmation.
Membership dashboard
Create groups with access to various exclusive pages of the site. Add users to be assigned to access groups. Edit user data and manage access settings.
User registration
Adding a user to a members area by an administrator. Invite participants to a group by email.
Allow users to register themselves on a registration page or via any form on your website.
Automatic confirmation of users self-registration.
Control users' self-registration with a verification by an administrator.
Usage scenarios
Online Course Materials
Manage access to study resources such as articles, webinars, online tests.
Client Membership
Facilitate client communication inside the account; no need for countless emails.
Partner Membership
Publish protected materials for partners and project participants.
Event Participant Membership
Open access to event materials for conference, master class or workshop attendees.
Restricted access to any exclusive pages
on your website.
Expand your business with a members area
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