Updates in Zero Block, Online stores, Feeds, new template and the best user projects
What's new in Zero Block
Animation effects for mobiles
Animation effects are now available for all mobile devices. Adapt the animation effect to different screen sizes, set the speed and motion separately for your smartphone and tablet. Animation trigger will be the same for all devices.
New element: Gallery
Place one or several galleries anywhere inside the block, customise cursor and border design, apply animation. Easily adapt your gallery for mobile devices.
Sparkle curls and light waves
We collected news from leading stylists and asked several of them to tell us what styles are in trend this spring 2017.
Collaboration of Marcoro and Sandro Van Lars
Book design is the art of incorporating the content, style, format, design, and sequence of the various components
A big interview with Margareth Santar
Margareth tells about the beginig of her career in1995 and about the growth of Caso fashion house.A big interview with Margareth Santar
Align elements
Save time - avoid doing repetitive tasks. Align multiple elements with two clicks. The feature will position elements at equal intervals from each other.
Zooming in and out
Magnify or reduce the size of your work area by pressing Cmnd +/- for Macs and Ctrl +/- for Windows.
Rename layers
Double-click the layer name to change it to the one you want.
What's new in Online stores
New feature: See Also
Recommend additional products from your online store to your site visitors. Display cards for one or all product categories.
New style of products gallery
Thumbnail product images are placed to the left of the main image. Available in blocks ST300, ST305N, ST310N and ST315N.
What's new in Feeds
Recommend relevant posts in a blog and align buttons in cards at the bottom of the page in blocks FD301 and FD302В. We've also added shareable social media buttons, an option of scaling an image in a gallery and zoom in on an image when looking at a post in more detail.
New template
Personal page for a psychotherapist
Education and experience, publications, book an appointment form and contact information.
Best user projects in February
Provider of work spaces in London, UK
Io Lighting
The lighting system for home, office, outdoor, industry
Beauty salon
Dream Contract
HR agency
El Flair
Fashion brand and online store
An app for anybody who wants to learn how to sing
Digital Сonvenience Group
Automation solutions for food & retail
Arena Space
A chain of data-driven VR amusement parks
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