Comments For Blocks, Objects Groups In Zero Block, Online Form Updates, Shadow Customization Panel, And More
Commenting Blocks
You can now add comments to blocks. This comes in handy if you want to leave a note on a block for a team or for yourself. Anyone with access to the project can leave a comment and resolve it. You can also edit or delete your comment.
Object Groups In Zero Block
You can turn grouped items into a separate element and set its settings. This is useful if you want to set animation for a group of elements, add a link to a card made up of multiple elements, rotate grouped elements, and much more.
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Online Form Updates
Evaluation & Rating
You can add a new field type to the form - Rating scale. The scale can be displayed as icons, between 3 and 10 items. Also, it can appear as numbers, for example, from 1 to 5. The setting is available only for pre-designed blocks.
Custom Answers In the "Question With Answers" Field
When selecting an answer in the online form, the website visitor will be able to enter their variant. Clicking on "Your own variant" will open a text input field.

Where to find it: In the Editor, open the Content tab of the block → Input Fields → Field type "Question with answers" → Enable custom answer input.
Shadow Customization Panel For Buttons
Customize shadows on buttons in pre-designed blocks using the new panel. You can set the shadow color, opacity, offset, blur and spread, as well as make the shadow multi-layered by adding several layers. If you don't feel like customizing the shadow manually, choose one of the ready-made options or paste the parameters as CSS.

You can customize the shadow for the button in its default look and when hovered over.

Where to find: In the Editor, open the Settings panel of the block → Buttons → Show more settings.
SVG Editor In Pre-Designed Blocks
Some pre-designed blocks now allow you to edit an uploaded SVG file.

Where to find: In the Editor, open the Content tab of a block with an image → click the Edit icon.
More Updates
Unpublish Entire Website
Now you can unpublish all pages of the website with one click and make them inaccessible to visitors. To do this, go to Site Settings → More.
Spam Records And Regional Limitations For Submissions
In the Leads section, you can now check Spam records. Suspicious submissions will be stored there. Also, in the General form settings, you can now limit the countries from which you want to accept requests - the rest will go to Spam.
Edit Text Style Under the Signup Form In the Members Area
Under the signup form in the Members area, you can now add text with a link and edit its style. This is useful, for example, if you want to provide a link to the privacy policy.

Where to find: Members Area Settings → Login & signup page settings → Text under signup form.
Course Export
You can export course content and post it to any learning platform that supports the IMS Common Cartridge. All lecture types and homework tasks are available for export. Student progress and grades cannot be exported due to the limitations of the IMS CC format.

Where to find: Course Settings → Export course.
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