Introducing free fonts – Futura, Circe, Formular,
micro animation and our users' top projects
New free fonts
We've added three new fonts – Futura, Circe and Formular – to our free fonts library. Simply choose the one you like in page settings.
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Adding hover effect to your website
In the settings choose the default view image and the mouseover view image. Do the same for box shadow and text. The site will become more interactive: when people hover over a button, the site rewards them with a reaction.
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Micro animation added to our menu
When you hover over a menu item you can change its color and opacity and add strikeout or underline effects. You can also add strikeout and underline effects to an active menu item.
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Keeping users informed
Do it with mini-interactive animation. We've added a couple of options: 1. Animations on page load and a loading indicator with an adjustable color; 2. Page scroll indicator that tells users whether they are at the top, in the middle or at the end of the page.
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5 new ready-made templates for your projects
A page for your business
Promote your services and tell your customers what sets you apart.
A company page
This page contains information about the company, its services, mission, as well as contact information and several full-page images.
A training course landing page
Contains course description, program, a list of trainers and program goals.
A private school website
Use this page to promote private education.
A sporting event page
Date, place, schedule of events, map, sponsors, conditions of participation.
Introducing our users' top projects this month
Jurij Treskow
A photographer's portfolio.
Scadi. Skiing guide
A landing page for a mobile audio guide to downhill skiing.
A landing page for an email marketing master class.
Tamara Hickey
A personal page of an actress and yoga teacher.
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