Filtering and searching for products in a catalog
Now you can filter all products in an online store based on their characteristics, sort them or find the desired product by using the search bar.
Product filter
Now you can filter all products in an online store by the parameters such as color, material, brand or product type. Set up filters in the catalog control panel. Open the tab 'Filters' in the top right hand corner of the screen and select the desired parameters.
Sorting products
Sort products by their price, alphabetical order or newest products first. Use filters to get a more precise result. The use of the sorting and filtering options can be added or canceled in the product block settings.
Searching for products
The search button will help you find a product by using keywords.
Try filters on a demo-page
New ready-made templates for your projects
Manicure salon
Book your appointment form, list of services, price list, images of manicures and interiors, additional services, client reviews, Instagram gallery, contact information with a map
Watercolor painting online course
Course starting data and duration, mode of delivery, schedule, teacher's bio, student works, certificate, bonuses, price
Cleaning service
Offer with a button, types of cleaning services, price list, staff, client reviews, price calculator
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Contemporary art and curation online platform
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World's leading design festival
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Payment tools for small businesses
All-in-one solution to grow app business
Groupe TTBA
Data-driven Digital Marketing Agency in Montreal
Thinkly Space
Professional installation of smart homes, surveillance cameras, and alarm systems
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