News widget in your Tilda account, new blocks in the library and best user projects in July
News in your Tilda account
We've added a news widget that will appear in your Tilda account. It's a great way to get tips about website design, discover new features, useful articles and the best projects designed by Tilda users.
Best user projects in July
Cloud Solutions Provider
Swaps App
OTC Trading Desk for high net-worth individuals and institutions
Amazon Seller Accounts
The Esports Leads
The first podcast dedicated to esports marketing and advertising
Free personal self-therapy guide 
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Meet new blocks in the library
Block VD14 with a playlist for video courses, plus three new blocks,
FR305, FR601 and FR602 in the Features category
New templates
Tilda designer portfolio website
Services, past projects, skills, reviews, workflow and costs, brief submission form
Residential complex landing page
Project information, images of the area, apartment layout descriptions, news, contact information
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