Tilda Images Premium Collection, Zero Block Updates, and Online Store Tabs
Tilda Images Collection
Tilda Images is a premium collection of more than 600 000 high-quality photos and images. Tilda users can use any images from this collection in their commercial projects on unique conditions—free of charge and without attribution. Depositphotos is the exclusive provider of the library.
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What's New in Zero Block
You can now work with multiple Zero Blocks without leaving the editor, zoom working space on scroll, send button click data to analytics, use advanced editing for different elements, and keep elements centered while resizing them. Let's take a closer look at the updates.
Switching blocks in the editor
You can switch between blocks on a page without leaving the edit mode. Open the Layers panel, switch to the Blocks tab, and select a block. In the panel, you can add a new block as well as rename, copy, or delete the existing one.
Zooming in and out working space on scroll
You can adjust your Zero Block working space zoom using a touchpad or mouse. Press and hold "Ctrl" and scroll up or down to zoom in and out of the artboard.
Editing properties for multiple elements
When selecting multiple elements of different types, the most frequently used settings will be displayed in the Settings panel.
Resizing elements while keeping them centered
It is now possible to resize elements and groups while maintaining a fixed center point. To use this feature, hold down "Cmd" (Mac) or "Ctrl" (Windows) and drag an element or a group edge.
Sending button click data to analytics
With a new feature, you can send button click data to analytics. Add a button, go to Settings, and enable the Click Tracking parameter.
eCommerce Updates
Tabs on Product Pages
Place detailed information about each product or related service in tabs on the product page or pop-up. You can add multiple sections as tabs or drop-down cards.
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Pagination in the product card blocks
If you have lots of products, you can divide them into several pages using pagination. To enable the setting, go to block Settings → Cards → "Show pagination", and set the number of products to be displayed on one page. The feature works if the Product Catalog is connected and is available for the following blocks: ST300, ST305N, ST310N, ST315N, and ST320N.
Price range in the product card
In product cards, you can now display the price range for product variants. There are two price formats: show "From" near the lowest price (e.g., "from $10") or show full range of prices (e.g., "$10—100"). Go to block Settings → Cards → "Product price format", and choose the one that suits you best. The feature is available for blocks ST300, ST305N, ST310N, ST315N, and ST320N.

The feature works if you set different prices for product variants in the Product Catalog. Also, you have to disable the "Show product options next to the thumbnail in the product list" setting and do not use the "Old Price" property.
New Blocks in the Library
Block FR306. Background image and a checklist
Image is displayed half-width of the block, you can choose one of three types of checkboxes or upload custom icons. Find it in the "Features" category.
Block FR307. Text and features (icon, title)
With cards, you can upload any number of icons. You can adjust the size of the icons located in the circles and change the background and border color of the circles. Find it in the "Features" category.
Block CR47. Cover with an image at the bottom
This block contains a heading and subheading, button(s), and image. The image can take up 100% of the screen width, or 100% with 40px padding, or 12 columns. Find it in the "Cover" category.
New Templates for Your Projects
Light blue background, neat and airy serifs in headings, and many photos.
Monochrome color scheme and a strict 2-column grid. Large headings with offset lines visually separate blocks and draw the attention of visitors.
Beauty Studio on Instagram
Bio link page with description, links, contact information, and "How to find us" section with a map.
Designer on Instagram
Bio link page with personal information, portfolio, links, and other social media accounts.
Store on Instagram
Bio link page with online store description, product categories, contact information, and map with the store location.
#madeontilda: Top Projects Created by Our Users in July 2021
Bask Studio
Engineering and architecture consulting.
Cute Nails
Beauty & nail bar in Barcelona.
Decentralized autonomous venture system.
Lash Secrets Academy 
Online school offering courses about beauty.
Collage Department
Creative studio website.
Scandinavian industrial infrastructure services.
Chip Leads
Network for profit-oriented partners based in Finland.
Personal website of a professional digital artist and designer.
Maks Redwolf
Advertising and commercial video production studio.
Master Degree on Coursera
Master of data and network analytics landing page.
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