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Supporting our customers
New members for the Support team, new ticketing system introduced
We are doing everything we can to improve our customer support. We want to make the process effective and enjoyable.

Things got very busy during the pandemic. Some of you had to wait a little longer than usual to hear from us. Here’s what we did to tackle the issue: We hired more staff and improved internal processes. Today, our workload and average response times are back to normal. We are proud of our Customer Support Team and we are grateful for your patience and understanding.

We have also introduced a new ticketing system to help us process customer queries. Now, if you have a question for us, choose the question category and fill out a form. Prompts with answers to frequently asked questions will appear to the right of the form. They vary depending on the topic of your query and should save you time. Answered queries will be marked as ‘resolved’. We believe that the new ticketing system will help us deal with your queries faster and provide more comprehensive, high-quality answers. Win-win!

These changes may be invisible to the eye but this is a big step for us. We will continue improving the system so it works better, for us and for you. We care. We sincerely hope to make the process of creating a website in Tilda easy and enjoyable.
Two important points to keep in mind when contacting Tilda Customer Support:
1. Always include a link to the problem page.
2. Please be as specific as possible when asking a question or describing an issue.

This information will help us provide you with faster and better support.

Best user projects in June
Oscar Renkel
Artist Oscar Renkel's personal website
Legend Waste Solutions
Rubbish removal service
Veer Earplugs
Veer Earplugs landing page
Flavia Kawazoe Cabral's online course
UX Design online course landing page
Visual Freaks
Visual content agency website
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New templates
Multi-link templates for Instagram profiles
Discover three new templates suitable for an illustrator, marketing specialist and blogger. Create a custom page with links to your important content, add a form and a call-to-action.
Online fitness sessions
Add a training schedule, describe your sessions, post a workout video, subscription plans, trainers’ bios and contact information.
Find a designer for your project with Tilda Experts
Would you like to find a reliable designer for your website? Simply fill in a brief on Tilda Experts and receive replies from relevant pros.
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