Zero Block Updates, Integrations with Salesforce and Notion, and New Templates in Category Pro
What's New in Zero Block
You can now import designs from Figma into Zero Block, change text capitalization in one click, use the calculator for settings fields, enter coordinates for guides, and more. Let's take a closer look at all the updates.
Import of Designs from Figma to Zero Block
Website layouts from Figma can now be automatically imported into Zero Block. No need to transfer your designs manually — you can now do it in a couple of clicks via API. Automate routine processes to free up more time for creative tasks.
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Changing the letter case
You can now change all letters to uppercase or lowercase, or capitalize the first letter of every word. To do this, select one or more text elements, find the "Letter case" setting in the Settings panel on the right, and set the letter case you need.
Calculator in the element settings
You can now set element coordinates, font height, and other parameters using formulas. For example, to move an element exactly 60 pixels horizontally, add +60 to the current value. The calculator supports + - * / ().
Entering guide coordinates
Guides can now be positioned by using pixels in the panel. This allows you to set their position accurately and quickly, ensuring a more convenient working process.
Disabling element snapping
You can now disable or enable element snapping to each other by pressing Cmd+M on Mac and Ctrl+M on Windows. Otherwise, click the button with three dots in the upper right corner and click Disable/Enable Snapping.
Rotate elements with mouse
You can now easily rotate elements with your mouse. Hover your mouse over any corner of an element and rotate it as far as you need.
Remove animation from several elements at once
You can use the context menu to remove the animation from one or more elements. This works for both Basic and Step-by-Step Animations.
New Blocks in the Library
Block GL27. Stories style gallery
The height of the card is set in pixels, and the aspect ratio is fixed to 9:16. You can separately adjust the size of the inactive card. Find the block in the "Gallery" category.
Block PR103. Partner logos in two columns
with description
You can use any number of cards in this block, adjust the properties of the divider, or remove it altogether. Find the block in the "Partners" category.
Block T985. Website search widget, expands on click
The search bar opens when you click the icon. You can change the widget icon. Find the block in the "Other" category.
Sending Form Submissions to Notion
Notion is a versatile tool for storing and organizing notes, lists, tables, and databases. Transfer data from forms on your website to Notion and work with submissions in a familiar app.
How to set up
Sending Form Submissions to Salesforce
Salesforce is a large CRM system and sales funnel management tool. You can now seamlessly transfer contacts and close deals in Salesforce.
How to set up
New Templates for Your Projects
Light pastel colors, emphasis on large headings, unusual composition. Great for interior design studios or furniture manufacturers.
Dark Corporate
Dark background, thin lines, expressive typography, rigid grid. Great for the home page of a business website or product presentation.
Online Store Micro Updates
Custom position of the price in the product card
You can specify the position of the price in the product card: above the title, under the title, or at the bottom, under the text. To set it up, go to the Settings panel of the block → Typography → Price position in product card. Available for blocks ST300, ST305N, ST310N, ST315N, and ST320N.
Custom filters and sorting for each product card block
You can set unique filters and sorting for each product card block, which won't depend on filters and sorting of other blocks. For example, you can set up one block on the page to show items in descending price order and the block below—to show new products first.
Landing Page Course is Live on Product Hunt
Our course "How To Build A Landing Page" is on Product Hunt! It's a free coursebook on how to design, set up, and run high-conversion landing pages. If you like the coursebook, please share your feedback on Product Hunt!

Your opinion will help others discover the course, and make better projects for a better world.
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#madeontilda: Top Projects Created by Our Users in June 2021
R 30 Barber Shop
Modern barber shop landing page
Luxury Vienna
Real estate agency offering properties in Austria
Aien Design
Graphic designer's professional website
The world’s biggest online repository of digitized and re-structured Catalogues Raisonnés
Olive Net Security
Smart wireless security systems
High-quality line icon packs for professional websites & apps with more than 8 000 vector line icons
Car dealer website
InMuse Agency
Conceptual branding agency for creative businesses
Californian fintech platform that helps people get a  mortgage
Half Moon
Tatoo studio based in Bali, Indonesia
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