How to Build a Landing Page:
Introducing a Free Coursebook from Tilda
5 Easy to Read Chapters with Exercises
on Landing Page Design
This free online course teaches you how to design, set up, and run high-conversion landing pages and increase your customer base. You will be able to create a landing page even if you didn't know what it means before.
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The coursebook consists of 5 chapters:
The Basics of a Landing Page
What is a landing page? Where did the format come from and how does it work?
Steps to Create a Landing Page
Methods to identify and analyze your target audience and competitors. A guide to writing copy for your landing page and creating a prototype.
Landing Page Anatomy
Main blocks that make up a landing page. How to create a cover and tell about your advantages. What are the trust blocks and where to put CTAs?
Landing Page Design Principles
How to choose colors, fonts, and images and keep the unity of style. The most common landing page design mistakes.
How to Improve Landing Page Performance
Understand the sales funnel and calculate your cost per lead. Learn how to link up statistics and set up goals, A/B testing, and SEO.
Nikita Obukhov
Tilda Founder

We've drawn on our experience in creating tools for high-conversion landing pages and transformed it into this free coursebook about landing page structure, design, and UX.
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