New on Tilda Publishing in March
Here's what was new on Tilda in March. We're talking minor platform updates, the growth of Tilda Experts, new templates and some very exciting projects from our users.
Saved colors panel
It is now easier than ever to choose a color in the Tilda editor. No need to copy the HEX code every time. Save up to 8 different colours per project. When you pick a color, it will be displayed at the bottom of the palette.
Attaching files to lead card in Tilda CRM
You can now attach invoices, contracts, and briefs to your lead cards. The files will be uploaded to the Tilda CRM folder in your Google Drive. Simply remember to connect the Google Drive account in your list settings first.
New in Tilda Experts
Recently we launched Tilda Experts, a roster of professional Tilda designers for hire.

Looking for a web designer? Fill in a brief and receive replies from relevant experts.

The platform has been going from strength to strength, and now features more than 2,500 portfolios. Every week clients place briefs worth a total of 45,000 USD, and much of this work comes from small businesses
New ready-made templates for your projects
Printing services
Menu with address and opening hours, homepage, types of products, services and technical requirements, portfolio, clients, order form
Homepage with opening hours, photo gallery, events calendar, general information, FAQs, map and contacts.
Contemporary art gallery
Homepage with an events slider, opening hours, upcoming exhibitions, subscription form, list of resident artists, address.
Art space
The About section and opening hours on the homepage, cards with exhibitions info, upcoming events, subscription form, address and map.
Best user projects this month
An innovative app connecting furniture retailers directly with their customers in one virtual marketplace
Blynk IoT
A hardware-agnostic IoT platform with customizable mobile apps, private cloud, rules engine, and device management analytics dashboard
Jedi Hostels
Concept hostels round the globe
A team of experienced developers providing top-notch blockchain solutions, smart contract security audits and tech advisory
Attractor AI
An analytics software, which helps product teams improve conversion and retention rates with automated actionable, no-digging user insights
An international tech conference on emerging technologies, building products and growth
Web and Mobile development studio
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