New Way to Connect Domains, Favorites In the Block Library, Price Per Unit in the Online Store, And Other Updates
New Way to Connect a Domain: Tilda's NS-Servers
It is now easier to connect new domains to Tilda websites. Instead of editing DNS records and adding A-type records in the registrar’s account, you only need to add Tilda’s NS-servers records:
If the domain is already assigned to the website, you don’t need to change the settings. The update is an alternative way to set up the domain through the IP address. You can connect the domain in any way you like.
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Favorites In the Block Library
The new "Favorites" category helps you quickly find your favorite blocks in the library.

To save the block in the "Favorites," hover over the top right corner of the block preview in the library and click the star icon. A new category with blocks of your choice will appear in the Block Library. You can have different selections of favorite blocks for different projects.
Price Per Unit
Sell your products in kilograms, liters, meters, and other units of measure. Specify the price per unit of your product and smallest sellable quantity of the product (unit quantity of an item).

For example, you sell homemade pasta and set the unit quantity for it at 100 grams for $7. This means that your customers will be able to buy it in multiples of 100 grams: 200, 300, 400 grams, etc. The cost will go up accordingly.

How to set up: Go to the Product Catalog → open a product card → "Unit of measurement" option.
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CSS Class For Blocks
You can now assign a CSS class to blocks in the Settings panel. This feature simplifies block editing: You can define a class for the block and then specify its name in HTML.

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The Trash Folder For the Lead Lists And 5 New Fields In Tilda CRM
You can add five new system fields to your lead List in Tilda CRM: Delivery address, Delivery recipient, Delivery cost, Promo code, and Discount amount.

If you no longer use a List, simply drag it to the Trash folder. You can restore the List within seven days after deletion.

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Free Webinars On Web Design & Marketing
In the coming weeks, we are planning to host online workshops and guest webinars about web design and marketing. Check the schedule and sign up for our free events to receive a great deal of tips and tricks.
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Hire a Designer On Tilda Experts
Looking to find a reliable designer for your website? Simply fill in the Tilda Experts brief and get in contact with professionals. Tips for filling out a design brief.
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Tilda Referral Program
Invite your friends to join Tilda by sharing your unique referral links and get a bonus for every successful referral.
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