Tests, polls and voting. Automatic order notifications. Receiving data from Trello, SendinBlue and Pipedrive.
Tests, polls and online voting
Create an interactive test or quiz card with answers. Conduct a survey or hold a vote. Find Blocks BF913 and BF918 in the category Form and button.
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Notifying customers of their order
If a payment has gone through or the customer chooses to make a cash payment, order notifications may be sent to them automatically.
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New services for receiving the data from forms
on your site
Check out these 3 cool services: Trello is a popular project management system; SendInBlue is a free email marketing service and Pipedrive is a CRM system for small businesses.
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New ready-made templates for your projects
Band info, photos and videos from previous gigs, tickets.
Movie preview
Synopsis, trailer, footage from the film, cast, reviews, awards.
Digital marketing conference
Speakers, programme, features, contacts, past speakers.
Turnkey moving service
Features, list of services, special offer, cars, reviews, order form.
Cookery master class
Information, programme, chef, past classes, reviews, gift certificate, signup form.
Celebrity lecture
Lecture and speaker info, previous lecture, reviews, programme, prices, order form, contacts.
Best user projects this month
Technology conference in Minsk.
Prioritisation online tool.
Sea Me Linen
Minimalist quality natural linen bedding.
Norwich Beer Mashup 2018
Website for a beer festival in Norwich, UK.
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