New Profession: Designer On Tilda, Image Resources, Tilda Sans Updates, Live Stream With the Awwwards Jury Member, And More
New Profession: Designer on Tilda
The role of the designer is changing. Designers capable of working with a product in a comprehensive way—skilled in visual design, interfaces, UX, branding, identity, copywriting, marketing, SEO, and sales—are highly demanded.

Tilda enabled designers to implement this interdisciplinary approach: Technical processes are simplified and you get a toolset for comprehensive communication. That's how a new profession came about: Designer on Tilda.
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Image Resources In the Interface
We have added a large collection of quality resources with images, illustrations, and icons to the new section of the image library called "Resources."

To see the resources, add a block with an image to the page, open the "Content" panel → "Search photos."
Client Stories On Tilda Education
New section added to our online learning resource Tilda Education—video interviews with designers and entrepreneurs who share how they accomplish professional and personal goals by creating websites on Tilda.

If you are a Tilda user and want to share your story, drop us a line on any social media and let's chat!
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Tilda Sans Update
The testing period for the Tilda Sans signature typeface is over :) Many thanks to all who participated and suggested improvements!

The typeface has been fine-tuned and now you are using the final version—it is already updated on all the websites with Tilda Sans, so you don't need to do anything else.

Here are the key updates:
  • The uppercase letters have become much closer in weight to the lowercase letters making the font look even more neutral yet expressive;
  • The proportions of some characters have changed making the horizontal visual rhythm more uniform;
  • Superscripts now look more balanced and work better in small type.
Dark template with distinctive typography, animation, and photography that create visual accents across the entire web page. Great fit for a beauty salon, fashion brand, or jewelry collection.
Webinar With the Awwwards Jury Member
On June 9 at 10:00 CET, we will host a live stream with the Awwwards jury member and a designer on Tilda Valeria Francis. She is going to explain how she selects websites for Awwwards and create an animated layout in Zero Block from scratch right in front of your eyes.
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#madeontilda: Top Projects by Our Users In March & April 2022
An environment designed to empower creativity on-chain with tokens, funds, pools, and projects
Heartify. Heart Health Monitor
Personalized all-in-one app to monitor heart health from Boston, US
Paul Rohde
Personal website of Paul Rohde, coach, entrepreneur, and scientist
Sustainable Rural Development Fund
An organization providing support to villages in the field of economy, ecology, and social development
Ukrainian Artists
Animated project about Ukrainian artists
App for business expansion made in Jakarta, Indonesia
Another World
Virtual reality gaming arena in the capital of Romania
Online magazine published by Viola Narang, California, US
Dotted Music
Marketing agency for music brands
Adeline Leonti
Portfolio website of a documentary photographer based in Montreal, Canada
Mario Bros
Fun animated design project about the famous Mario Bros game
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Tilda Grant For Nonprofits
Every month we give away 5 annual subscriptions to nonprofit and social change organizations active in science & tech, volunteerism, healthcare, culture & arts, social welfare, etc.
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Hire a Designer On Tilda Experts
Looking to find a reliable designer for your website? Simply fill in the Tilda Experts brief and get in contact with professionals. Tips for filling out a design brief.
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