Online Store Updates: Statistics, New Block With Filters On the Left, and More
Online Store Statistics
Use Tilda to measure your online store performance. Keep an eye on the number of orders and the total sales, monitor an average order value, a repeat purchase rate, and other metrics. Analyze the most popular and the most viewed products, discover the channels that generate the highest income, and increase your sales with Tilda tools.
More on statistics
A New Block In the "Store" Category
The ST320N block includes product cards with buttons and filters on the left and a pop-up window with detailed information.
Other Updates for the Online Store
We keep developing ecommerce tools and are excited to introduce useful updates to the product card interface, the shopping cart, and the catalog settings.
"+" and "—" to change the number of products
With the buttons on the product card, it is much easier to change the number of items added to the shopping cart. You can also enter the necessary number manually.
Restoring deleted items in the shopping cart
If a user deletes a product from the cart, the timer is activated. It is possible to return the item to the cart within 5 seconds. This option is useful when a person changes their mind or has deleted the item accidentally.
Size chart
It is now possible to add a link to the size chart in the catalog category settings or to any other extra information about products.
Dimensions and weights for the product variants
Now you can set different dimensions and weights for the product variants in the catalog. Let's say you sell small, medium, and large Christmas trees; you can set different values for each of them in order to calculate the shipping cost correctly.
Updates: Product import/export using CSV-files
It is possible to export and import products' weight and dimensions, as well as a product card mark ("Sale", "New", etc.) using CSV-files.

During the import it is now possible to group product variants by the parent ID, stock keeping unit, name, or to upload without grouping.

During the catalog export to CSV-file, it is also possible to select the format of a column delimiter: a comma or a semicolon. It is useful if you use the inventory system where the import fields are to be separated by particular symbols.
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