32 brand new blocks, new templates
plus top user projects of the month
Event program. 8 new blocks
Add an event program to your conference, festival or master class website. Creating a program on Tilda is quick and easy, plus it's convenient for your participants to use. A win-win situation in our books!
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Meet our team. 12 new blocks
Behind every great project is an even greater group of people. Let others know who you are – we've created a new handy category so you can do just that. Working alone? Not to worry, there is a template to introduce the awesome team of YOU.
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What our clients say about us. 12 new blocks
Ask some of your clients why they love you and post their words to your website. It works a treat! Just make sure the clients are real and their feedback is genuine. People spot fake quotes a mile off, and the practice backfires.
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4 new ready-made templates for your projects
Modus. Design Conference
Landing page for a conference: schedule of events, venue, registration.
Alliance. Business Conference
Landing page for a conference: speakers, past events, schedule of events, cost.
Terrace architects
Architectural practice website: cover, description, featured projects, contacts.
Red Box Architectural Case
Architectural project presentation: description, introduction, images, meet the architects.
Introducing our users' top projects this month
Metro 2035
A landing page for Dmitry Glukhovsky's latest book.
Town information portals
Metalloinvest, the Russian mining company, presents its social and cultural project.
This landing page showcases a mobile app that provides a real time explanation of what happens and what to expect during your flight.
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