Converting standard blocks to Zero Block, new template category and more original blocks added to our library
Change most blocks in a web editor
Zero Block is a professional web editor that allows you to create original and adaptable blocks from scratch. Now you can convert most blocks to a "zero block" and customise your website based on the existing template. In fact, you can control the look of each element.
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'Contacts'. New template category alert
Single page websites to tell the world about yourself, plus you can create a holding page while you're finishing your website, or publish a link to your portfolio.
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New category in our block library – 'About us'
A large selection of blocks for creating brief descriptions of a company, product or service.
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New category in our block library –
'Why choose us'
Tell others about your company in a way that is memorable and easy to understand with our new collection of original blocks.
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3 new ready-made templates for your projects
Andy Malcolm, Freelance Copywriter
Are you a freelance copywriter looking to pick up more work? Use this template to describe your specialisation, skills, and best projects.
Personal Fitness Trainer
Webpage template containing information about your special skills, client reviews, timetable, plus a handy contact form.
Minds Ahead. Education for Kids
This website for a preschool educational center contains information about the school, its specialisation, schedule, teachers, as well as Q&As and contact information.
Introducing our users' top projects this month
This landing page introduces IDR&D, the company that develops digital authorisation technologies to protect data online.
This is a special project from a Kenyan news website – a series of longreads about entrepreneurs from the region.
A landing page introducing new energy extraction systems.
Dagbladet Information
A series of longreads from the Danish newspaper.
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