Animation, setting up paddings for mobile devices plus a new category in Tilda templates
Animations: perfect for those who want to add a little magic to their website ✨
Tilda introduces the first of many animations updates. Now you can make website elements come alive and create a striking headline that is sure to catch the user's eye.
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Setting up paddings for mobile devices
We have added a feature that helps you adjust the paddings between blocks on mobile devices.
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Introducing new templates: Surveys and forms
18 new pre-designed templates to help you create a survey, registration or an application form online.
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5 new templates are ready for you to use
Address, working hours, telephone number, prices, images of the interior.
Online store with product categories
Product categories, brand story, newsletter subscription.
Personal tour guide
General information, types of tours, additional services, reviews, contacts, blog.
Flower shop
Images of readymade bouquets, Buy now button, individual order form, contacts, Instagram feed.
Product promotion page
Photo gallery with a choice of parameters and a Buy it button, product descriptions and special features, images of products in a natural setting, reviews and order instructions.
Top user projects this month
Duran the Bot!
Website promoting a bot.
Lithuanian music theatre.
UX Academy
UX design and usability workshops in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Slava Shatovkin
Website for a tattoo artist from Kyiv, Ukraine.
Set Product
An html showcase template.
Honey Badger
Fundraising page for the maker of handmade collectible action figures made from wood.
Center for Support and Development of Public Initiatives
Website of the Center for Support and Development of Public Initiatives.
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