Common webpage design mistakes, new category in the blocks library, Tilda Experts directory, automatic news feed, layers and guides in Zero Block
Simple layout and design tips
There are thousands of people all over the world who create websites on Tilda. We analysed some common mistakes they make when using our platform. Here is a list of dos and don'ts applicable to any web design tool or service you use.
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Services category added to our blocks library
Use any of the 19 blocks to showcase your company's services. Use cards and tiles, columns, icons and many other design options – ideal for all kinds of businesses.
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Tilda Experts directory
Tilda Experts is a directory of design professionals who know Tilda inside out and who can build your website for you — on Tilda. Designers are welcome to add their portfolio to the website. For your peace of mind, each submitted website will be authenticated.
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Automatic news feed
Block T854, Other category. Add an automatic news feed to your website. It will refresh automatically. Perfect for Telegram or any other public news channel.
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Layers and guides in Zero Block
New instruments can be added via a context menu or by using shortcut keys: layers panel — ⌘+L, guides — ⌘+H and ⌘⇧+H.
For Windows, use Ctrl instead of ⌘.
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Best user projects this month
Motion Beast
Course on animation and motion design
Website for a fashion brand
School of Eearly Learning
Eearly learning centre in Perth, Australia
E2 Productions
Promotional videos for games and apps; landing page
Pfeifer Consulting
Austrian IT consultancy
Croc Global
Global IT services provider
UXDC – User Experience Meetup in Washington D.C.
Website and events page
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