Automatic Scaling to Screen Width in Zero Block, XYZ Analysis for Online Stores, and Other Updates
Automatic Scaling to Screen Width in Zero Block
Zero Block can now be automatically scaled to 100% of the browser window so that the design is responsive to any resolution, including HD screens. This feature helps avoid wasted space on high-resolution screens and is a time saver for designers as they won't need to manually create fluid layouts.

This feature is available for elements attached to the grid container. You can enable scaling in the dashboard settings → Scale Grid Container.
More Zero Block Updates
Distribute spacing between element edges
You can now flexibly distribute elements across the artboard and quickly adjust the spacing between different element edges. This feature works with a selection of 3 or more elements.
Change spacing between elements with mouse drag
If the spacing between several elements is fixed, you can decrease or increase it by dragging the red marker. This feature also works with a selection of 3 or more elements.
Statistics in Tilda CRM
Keep track of your customer performance in the Analytics section of Tilda CRM. You'll find a project summary with data on the number of new leads, an average number of leads per day, device type, and lead sources.

Reports are also available for each stage of the funnel, measuring the number and percentage of leads and including the cost of the deal. You can view all reports for a week, month, year, or all time and compare data for different time periods.
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XYZ Analysis in the Online Store Statistics
XYZ analysis is the classification of the top-selling items into items with little variation in demand (X), items with some variation in demand (Y), and items with high variation in demand (Z). This method will show how much the frequency of product sales deviates from the average values.

An ABC-XYZ summary table will allow you to see the fluctuations in demand throughout the year. For example, if soft drinks are sold well in the summer, you shouldn't expect to see the same demand in January. The product falls into the BY category–average percentage of sales and fluctuating demand, making it a product with an intermediate degree of reliability.

XYZ analysis will identify similar and less obvious fluctuations, reduce volatility and help develop a data-driven business.
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New Blocks in the Library
Block ST110. Favorites
This block allows customers to tag products they like, displaying them in a separate widget. Find the block in the "Store" category.
Block DV13. Infinite scrolling text
You can set multiple texts that will move one after another through the separator. You can use built-in dividers or upload your own, as well as adjust the speed of the text. Find the block in the "Divider" category.
More Updates
Receive Form Submissions to is a large international CRM system. Collect contacts and manage orders with this new service integrated with Tilda.

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Automatically remove unpaid products from reservations in the Product Catalog
You can now specify the time after which the product reservation in the Product Catalog will be canceled if the customer has not completed the payment. The setting is available in Site Settings → Payment Systems → General Payment Settings → Book a Product.
New Templates for Your Projects
Modern Museum
Dark background with gold color accents, large typography, and strict grid. Great for modern art galleries, art exhibitions, or theater websites.
Private Medical Clinic
Large cover page, online form to book an appointment, description of services, special offers, "About Us" section, information about doctors, clinic newsfeed, and "Contacts" section with address and office hours.
#madeontilda: Top Projects Created by Our Users in September 2021
Global Trade
Service that helps businesses to enter international markets
Redline Digital
HARO outreach & link building service
La sanglière
French family vineyard
3D motion studio based in San Francisco
Digital art gallery
Body Lab
Skincare studio in Amsterdam
FinTech company that helps to pay for education
Cyber City
NFT game
Furnished rentals in Los Angeles
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How-To Webinars on Web Design
Check out the upcoming webinars. During each webinar, we create a website from A to Z in front of your eyes, comment on it, and share our insights and tips on web design.
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Hire a Designer on Tilda Experts
Looking to find a reliable designer for your website? Simply fill in the Tilda Experts brief and get in contact with professionals. Tips for filling out a design brief.
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Tilda Referral Program
Invite your friends to join Tilda by sharing your unique referral links and get a bonus for every successful referral.
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