11 new blocks in the library, new template and the best user projects on Tilda this month
Horizontal cover with a timetable
Block CR38, Cover category
Narrow cover with title and description
Block CR40, Cover category
Cover with title and Play button
Block CR41, Cover category
Cover with title, subtitle and upper note
Block CR42, Cover category
Image with offset card
Block AB608, About category
New widget with messengers icons in a popup
Block BF905A, Form and button category
Two column cards with an arrow
Block FR208, Features category
Fullscreen combination of large and small images
Block GL24, Gallery category
Columns with symbols on the background
Block FR406, Features category
Cards with advanced settings
Block TE230, Tile & link category
Cookies disclaimer
Block T886, Other category
New ready-made template for your projects
Lettering course
Cover page with a menu and sign-up button, who the course is for, course curator bio, program, student projects, reviews, sign-up block, contacts.
Best user projects this month
Arena Space
A tool to manage, protect and make the most out of personal data
AI-powered omnichannel helpdesk platform
Secure platform for life data storage
Uxcited Prague
Interface Design Conference in Prague
Digital design studio
Luxury Austria
Luxury properties in Vienna for living and investment
Solutions for connected vehicles
Hedonism Rebublic
Fetish bed linen online store
Flights Concierge
Service for business travel
Import2 Wizard
Business data management solutions
A video invitation for Elon Must to visit Krasnodar
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