Tilda CRM is a new tool for leads management
All your leads in one place
All leads from forms are added to a table automatically. A call, an order received via social networks or other leads can be added manually. Add customer progress stages. Each stage is represented in an individual tab and can be highlighted with colour.
Easy-to-follow card view
A kanban board gives you an overall view and helps you see where leads are in the process. Move leads between stages with a mouse.
Analytics for every lead
Where did the client come from? What pages did they visit? How did they find you in the first place? This information is added to the lead card automatically.
Save contacts and leads history
A contact is created for each lead. Then it is saved in an address book. You can check out the history of all leads for each contact. Send a message to your client from a contact or a lead card without leaving Tilda CRM.
Receive leads from forms or create them manually
Send your contacts simple or HTML emails directly from CRM
Add your colleagues and give them full or limited access rights
An easy-to-follow leads card view in CRM
Simple leads management with drag-and-drop
Shape your business into order
Connect CRM to your website with one click. Available without additional charges on any premium tariff.
Connect for free
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