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Animate with ease, no skills required: 27 lessons with animation templates and video tutorials on animating your websites. You will also find a theoretical article to web animation.
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Basic Theory of Web Animation
Basic principles of web animation. Animation speed, easing, Bezier curves, choreography, and animation relevance.
Animation on the Cover
Using examples, we show how to bring the first screen to life and capture the attention of website visitors from the first seconds.
Animation of Lists and Cards
In the form of lists and cards, you can design reviews, services, cases, benefits, team, and FAQ sections.
Button Hover Effect
Hover effect is the animation when hovering. We share 6 tricks that help make interaction with buttons more interesting.
Card and Tile Hover Effect
This effect prompts visitors that the cards and tiles on the page can be interacted with.
Fixing Text on Scroll
With this effect, you can experiment with large typography and create interactive messages.
Making Up an Element from Different Parts
A good technique to show what the product consists of or to illustrate the step-by-step instructions.
Looped Animation of Multiple Elements
By variously animating the elements, you can make interactive stories.
Multi-Directional Movements on Scroll
This animation technique can be used to animate the page with moving illustrations.
Moving Elements Along the Screen on Scroll
By moving the element along the screen, you can create navigation on the page and control the viewer's attention.
Text Animation
Animated text compositions help create a dynamic ambiance on the website and draw attention to an important message.
Changing the Transparency of Elements on Scroll
The effect helps to create an interactive message with elements that will gradually appear as the page scrolls.
Fixing Elements on Scroll
You can use this technique to make sticky illustrations for long stories and create page navigation elements.
Looped Element Rotation
A nice technique for animating circular logos and lettering.
Resizing Elements on Scroll
The effect will help create a dynamic background on the website and draw attention to an important section.
News Ticker Effect
A popular technique for text messages on the page.
Parallax Effect on Scroll
Parallax allows you to achieve an illusion of depth when scrolling down the page by varying the speed of the elements.
Parallax Effect on Mouse Move
An easy-to-create effect that allows your visitors to move multiple elements in any direction with the mouse and increases the interactivity of the page.
Image Appears When Hovering over Text
This technique allows you to overlay pictures on the headings and show them one at a time, rather than all at once.
Photo Appears in the Column When Hovering Over Text
A great solution to showcase your works or team members—images appear in the column next to the headings and are triggered by hovering over text.
Element Appears When Hovering Over Text
Great effect for tutorials, tests, quizzes, etc. It allows your visitors to reveal hidden elements by hovering over visible ones.
Card Appears When Hovering Over an Image
By hovering over the image, the visitor sees a card with a caption or a service description.
Highlighting Text on Hover
Increase the text readability in a creative way - a phrase is highlighted when the cursor is over it.
Effects on Hovering and Clicking on an Element
A good technique for interactive guides or manuals that allows visitors to reveal pieces of information when they clink or hover over certain elements.
Multiple Element Animation by Clicking on Text
The effect is triggered by clicking on the text and can be useful for showcasing a process or launching an animated presentation.
Cards Appear by Clicking on the Heading
You can place two elements—a text description and a set of cards with images and captions—in the same place on the page and show/hide one or the other by clicking on the text.
Button Shape Change on Hover
An effective technique to attract attention to CTA buttons on the page - when the visitor hovers over it, the button changes its shape.
Cards Appear on Hover
Create an illustrated page content guide using the effect.
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