Zero Block is web design editor on Tilda. It allows users to create unique websites just like they would in their favourite graphic design software. Today we are happy to announce a big update of Zero Block.
Video widget
Use video in web design. Adjust player size and its position on the page. Set autoplay and loop in the settings.
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Tooltip — interactive prompts
Tell clients what the model is wearing, what objects are shown in an image, mark areas on a chart or a map. The tooltip has many settings, including colour, shadow, width, icon selection and image loading.
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HTML — adding your own code
Add unique elements such as a music player, online booking or calculator widgets, by inserting the HTML.
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Apply animation to any element on your webpage
Create and customise splendid effects with 6 ways images and texts appear on a page, adjust the duration, distance, delays and triggers of your animations.
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Parallax scrolling
Create the 3D effect by setting different speeds for elements relative to their background.
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Parallax when moving your mouse pointer
Another way of creating the illusion of a 3D image is to adjust the response of the image to the movement of the mouse.
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Making elements fixed on scroll
Fix any element on scroll. Customise the elements' fixed positioning and duration.
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We are working on expanding Zero Block's capabilities. Follow us on social media to be the first to know about the updates. ;)
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